Liquid Zeolite – liquid or powder?

Zeolite has been used by humans (as well as in farming and industry) for many years. Until about 10 years ago, it was taken in powder form. The mineral is found naturally and is mined and then processed to a form suitable for use by humans. The mineral is ground into a powder and traditionally has been taken in this form as a mineral supplement.

About 10 years ago a new manufacturing process was initiated under the direction of an American Biochemist, Rik Deitsch of Nutra Pharma Corporation. This incorporated new processing methodologies including an ‘activation’ process involving thorough cleansing of the pores within the zeolite mineral, micronising the zeolite to a particle size no larger than 5 microns (critical for passing from the digestive tract into the blood stream), and suspending these tiny zeolite particles in purified water.

This new form of zeolite was called “Liquid Zeolite” by Waiora, the company that markets it. It is not, of course, a truly liquid form of zeolite, but simply purified water with very fine particles of zeolite suspended in it – so fine that they are invisible to the naked eye. Yet these tiny particles have many tiny pores and channels that act like cages to capture heavy metals and other chemical toxins within them. This capacity for capturing the tiny molecules of positively charged metals like mercury, lead and cadmium is maximised by the thorough cleansing of the cages, which creates a huge amount of surface area per microgram of zeolite. This is conveniently matched by¬† the very small size of the dense molecules of heavy metals. Being both tiny in size and very high in positive charge, they are selectively pulled into the cages by the strongly negative charge of the zeolite.

The great advantage of this Activated Liquid Zeolite format is that it can pass from the digestive tract into the bloodstream, then travel throughout the body, wherever blood flows – including across the blood brain barrier – attracting into its cages any molecules with a highly positive charge. It will first mop up any of these toxins in the bloodstream itself. Once this has occurred to the point that the optimum slightly alkaline state is achieved, it will start to pull out the toxins sequestered in tissue anywhere in the body.

You can read more about Liquid Zeolite at the following independent website which has comprehensive information including scientific data –


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